Satisfied Clients
This is the Johnson family in Alabama.  They recently adopted my Charlie and Godiva (new name Emma).  As you can see, both the puppies and their new owners are very happy!  Thank you so much for these gorgeous pictures Stacy!  I am so glad that you guys are enjoying the puppies!
This is Little Lucy.  She is spoiled and loved by the Paul family in California!  As you can see, she is enjoying her new life! 

This is Bo.  He now lives in Los Angeles with his new family.  Here is a quote from his dad, Ivan, "Bo is still quite energetic, sweet and loving. He gets along with his sister, Molly (the Maltipoo) really well and is incredibly friendly to kids, adults and all dogs.  He is  currently in training classes with his sister.  Bo has been a great addition to our family."
This is Gidget, formerly Geisha.  She is enjoying her new family and home in Hollywood, California.  
"Geisha (now Gidget) is the most amazing little dog! She's just a love and a total doll, and happy with a spunky little personality."

This is Borgy.  He is happy in his home with Dennis in California.
This is Mimi (formerly Hope)  Here's what her mommy Neesha has to say about her,"We bought a chihuahua puppy from Michelle about six months ago. Michelle gave an extremely accurate description of the puppy, including photos, videos, size predictions, personality, etc. She walked me thru all the supplies I would need to create a safe environment like the one she was being raised in, including bed warmers, play pens, food and where to get these supplies. We couldn't be more happy with our puppy. She has such an outgoing, brave personality for such a tiny puppy. It was quite obvious she was raised in a very loving, social environment as she is comfortable with every person or dog she meets. ....."We love her soooo much! She makes us laugh all the time. She has such a wonderful personality. I still can't get over how easy she was to potty train!   When we are ready for another dog there is no doubt we will get one from Michelle. She truly has wonderful dogs inside and out! 
This is Myles (formerly Ryder)  He now lives with the Harner family in California.  Here is what his new mom Gina had to say about him, "Myles gets an A+ in personality.  He loves everyone and even has a close relationship with my mom and dad.  He is very athletic and very smart.  I've trained him to walk on a leash but he's still working on it.  He's really good at playing catch and is fully potty trained.  Myles is spoiled rotten but still has decent manners especially for a puppy.  There are 5 humans in his household so usually someone is home.  He is rarely alone but we have taught him that there are times that he must sit quietly in his house.  Whenever I come home, he comes running to greet me like he hasn't seen me in a long time.  It is so cute!"
This is Penny with her new daddy Dustin in California.  She is having a ball going on car rides, playing with his son's socks and being spoiled!
This is Lilly (formerly Josie)  She lives with her new mommy Kathy in Michigan.  Here is what she had to say about Lilly," We decided to name her Lilly but I didn't want to get rid of Josie so my name for her is she's naughty is Lillian Josephine!  Lol!  She is doing wonderful!!!!  She doesn't like the cold too much either,  But I really praised her and gave her treats after she went outside and it didn't take long before she would go to the door to go out.  I keep a path shoveled good for her.  Luckily we haven't had much snow.  And she loves to eat it!!  Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy!!"
We purchased two Chihuahua puppies from Michelle, their names are Zack and Zoey (Macy). These dogs were kennel mates from birth and are inseparable. Michelle took the time to explain the type of dogs they are, their temperament and special personalities as well as sending us videos. These dogs had a long journey to get to us, as we live on the other side of the country, they were in California and we are in Rhode Island. They were shipped together in a strong crate with water, food and a cozy blanket. We could see all the care and love that these animals were given by Michelle and her family. These two puppies have great personalities, love people, always giving everyone kisses, very playful and rarely bark. We could not have been happier in our decision to get two puppies from Michelle, and we would do it again.